History of RDC

Revival Deliverance Center was built in 1955, and Dr. M.L. Buie was the founder and Pastor. Dr. Buie, the grandmother of Pastor James A. Buie passed away in 1995. The church was then passed down to her niece, Pastor Jeanette Dorsey, until her death in 2000. In the year of 2000, Pastor James A. Buie became the Pastor of Benson Revival Deliverance Center, Lumberton Revival Deliverance Center and All Nations Revival Deliverance Center. After being appointed Pastor, Bishop Buie was led to make the three churches 'one church in three locations', which is now "RDC Churches" in Benson, Lumberton and Roseboro, NC. The members of RDC are firm believers in prayer,  fasting and the unadulterated Word of God.

Pastor Buie has led the congregation to deeper depths and higher heights. He is a firm believer that everybody is capable of doing something in the body of Christ. He has helped us to realize that you cannot put God in a box. Since he has become Pastor, he has expanded the ministry with a booming youth department, a dynamic praise team, outstanding outreach ministries, and an awesome music department. So RDC ministries are steadily moving forward and never looking back, thanking God for growth and

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