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Bishop James A. Buie

Bishop James Avery Buie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Sanford, Florida. He
attended Florida Community College where he received an Associate Degree in Digital Electronics, then later received his Masters in Psychology at Fayetteville State University and is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Theology. 

​Losing his father at the age of four he was raised by his mother, the Honorable Overseer Carrie Buie Bryant, of Sanford, Florida, along with his two siblings, Carsandra Buie and the late Kevin Buie. In 2016 Bishop Buie was joined in Holy Matrimony to his wife Lady Crystal from Nassau Bahamas. He is the proud father of two, Shakeem and Adonnis Buie and the grandfather of four.  

​Early in Bishop Buie’s ministry he was anointed by his mother to prepare him for the work that God had in store for him. Following in his mother’s footsteps he was called to Pastor in 1999 at Jacksonville Tabernacle of Prayer located in Jacksonville, Florida. He is known in many circles for his authentic “realness”, with bringing a refreshing new twist to the pulpit. Bishop Buie has a unique style of preaching that is infused with a mixture of honesty, sincerity, and truth. His uncanny knack for feeling the hearts of lost souls and drawing them to Christ distinguishes him from many. He works in the field with one set goal and that is to preach messages that change the way a person thinks in order to change their behavior, and thus the outcome of their actions. In every one of his messages, he strives to introduce people to a new thought process according to the Word of God.

Bishop Buie has faithfully served 15 years as Senior Pastor of the Revival Deliverance Center Churches located in Benson, Roseboro, and Lumberton, North Carolina where you can experience an “Old School Anointing with a New School Flava”. He still devotedly serves with his mother, Overseer Bryant, under United Front for Holiness.

In May of 2011, Bishop Buie was ordained as Bishop under the wings of Bishop George Bloomer of Bethe'l Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina. And in August of 2014, Bishop Buie was elected to serve on the Board of Bishop's Council for C.L.U.R.T. International Assemblies under the leadership of Bishop George Bloomer, Presiding Prelate. The relationship with Bishop Bloomer was one ordained of God through friendship and mentorship, but has grown into that of a father and son. 

 Powerful, insightful and sure to make a profound impact on God’s kingdom…God’s man first...

​Bishop James A. Buie